Light and geometry are the architecture of vision. My work uses architectural elements as a framework on which to hang geometric patterns and saturated colors. The imagery is simultaneously reduced and exaggerated, reflecting the fragmented quality of memory.

As one experiences the world, details are captured selectively. This is a survival trait that enables the brain to ignore what is inessential and allows for much inventiveness and revision during memory recollection. The drawings illustrate this process with a mixture of clarity and abstraction. They are a synthesis of innumerable component parts that assemble to create the essence of a space. Whether expressing the facets of industrial entropy or colors of autumn foliage, the goal is to present an imaginative chaos within recognizable imagery.

The drawings are designed using memory, photography, collage and golden section geometry. Repetition and reflection are important visual themes woven throughout each piece. Architecture is central to my work not only for the structural elements but also for its inextricable presence in human life. Buildings provoke a visceral response because they all have their own place in history, stories to tell of their inhabitants, and unique connections to surrounding landscapes. Series of drawings are created based on the places I have lived and visited, in an attempt to interpret and internalize their spirit.

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